The enigma of the mind

There is incredible confusion in the area of emotional health concerning the nature and role of the mind and also in fact, a deeper understanding of the role it plays in life itself.  It is currently confused with the brain and the psyche (the spirit) in almost every area that addresses human behaviour and well-being. To sum up, it is fair to say that nowhere are there extant definitions that distinctly describe and separate the role and function of the three entities, Mind, Body and Spirit. Incidentally, the brain is simply a part of the body, a vital element of course, but nevertheless merely a part of the body.

I recently realised, as espoused in the article, “What is the Mace Energy Method” that the mind is the interface between the Being (psyche) and the material universe in which we play the game of life.  I am still coming to terms with this momentous realisation. I say momentous because its magnitude is of such incredible proportion and importance in the understanding human life that it defies description. I can only repeat what I have said and written on many an occasion; Life is really very simple!

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Cause and Effect!

It is a law of the universe – nothing happens without a cause.

To emphasise that scientific fact, it is irrefutable that nothing just happens, there is always something that causes it to happen and the basis of all causes is the application of a form of energy. In other words all changes, good, bad or indifferent, are caused by application of energy in some form. This scientific fact is the corner stone of all my research and why I eventually coined and adopted the name Mace Energy Method for our procedures, which are dedicated to an improvement in emotional health for all mankind irrespective of colour, creed or political leanings.

Before proceeding it is appropriate to indicate that the catalyst for this article is a book given to me by my daughter for my recent 87thbirthday.

She rightly decided that because of my background as a professional mariner and navigator that I would be interested in the career of John Harrison (1693- 1776). Because of my maritime studies, his story was not new to me, but my daughter was not to know that. Harrison was a carpenter with only the basic education that that occupation implied,
but was an avid reader and basically self-educated. He established a foolproof method of calculating longitude. The inability to do so had plagued mariners and researchers ever since the very first mariner had lost sight of land and asked himself, ”Where exactly am I!” Harrison revolutionised navigation and saved countless thousands of mariner’s lives, as well as providing enormous financial benefits to international commerce, yet he spent years battling entrenched interests before his work was eventually recognised, initially by a grateful British crown and establishment and eventually by the scientific world at large.

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Divorce can cause accidental child abuse

This is a must read for couples with children, who are divorcing or ending their relationship.

As a counsellor with many years experience, I have been witness to the collateral damage to
children in these circumstances. The point of this article is that couples can part without
damaging the children or at the very least minimise it.

The actual word abuse has many bad connotations and is not really defined in dictionaries
for what it really is, only examples of the results are given.

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The Power of our Feelings

Feelings control our lives, they control what we say or don’t say, also what we do or don’t do , feelings also affect our attitudes and all decisions we make, so they are very  important to lives , hence we need to know more about them. Feelings can be positive or negative (unwanted), constructive or destructive.   Here in lies the key to finding happiness and success in the various areas of our lives be it, at work, at home, or in our social life.

Think about this fact, we can’t actually see our feelings, but we sure experience them. Good or positive feelings are fine, they feel expansive, light and enjoyable, the spice of life so to say. Conversely the unwanted negative feelings are another matter and the reason for this article. Negative feelings feel heavy, restrictive and they often stop us doing what we would like to do which can and  does result in unhappiness and failure in our lives.

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The Search for Emotional Health

There is much historical data available concerning the handling of so-called “mental health” issues, which term is derived from the idea that the root cause of emotional problems lies in the mind. The word “mental” is of course an English language expression coined in comparatively recent centuries. From the middle ages Lunatic or Insane asylums were common as was the exorcising of Demons and in the more “enlightened” times Frontal lobotomy surgery, Insulin Shock Therapies and Electro Convulsive Shock treatments. Exorcising demons was an attempt to handle cause, but apart from that, it is arguable as to whether the other therapies were addressing manifestation or cause. As an aside, to me, all these treatments were a manifestation of the frustration experienced by the authorities in the mental health field because of their inability to achieve significant worthwhile results.

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