A Moody Teenager

A Moody Teenager

A 14-year-old boy who was brought to me by his mother under some protest. She had called me to say he was a moody teenager, un-cooperative and often angry. When the boy arrived he sat down with his arms crossed and a very unhappy look on his face – he obviously did not want to be there. I told him I would not do anything with him just because his mother wanted him to have help. I would only do something with his okay. (As stated earlier, you can only assist someone who wants help – no matter what age.) This relaxed him a bit. I suggested he at least find out what the “Mace Energy Method” was, as he had travelled a long way. he finally agreed, although the arms stayed crossed. After a long conversation I thought he was not going to agree to a session, but just as they were about to go he said, “I think I will stay and have a talk to John”. His self-determination had returned, now he could be helped.

We cleared all of his negative feelings  in about an hour, he brightened right up – this was on a Saturday – his mother called on the following Wednesday evening – very happy to say, the boy was now doing his homework with no pushing (and he had never done that before in his life), he was talking to her, helping with the dishes etc. – A happy ending, he was being his true self. (Incidentally, his problems came from his father leaving  ).From lifes upsets people of all ages get stuck in the negative feelings involved  ,the longer these feelings  stay there the more powerful become,in other words the worse the negative feelings control the persons life.MEM sessions permanently delete all negative feelings,this puts the person back in control of their life.

A Moody Teenager

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