Back Pain

Back Pain

Dear John.

I want to thank you for your work in helping me to be free of some very old pains (emotional & physical), pains which I could not uncover by myself. Your method is fantastic in its simplicity and effectiveness.

It still amazes me that when I have come to you with a problem I thought I knew needed dealing with, that really it was only a catalyst to go deeper and find what was really there. I also am amazed at the timing and synchronicity of how things get dealt with.

I wanted to write this testimonial for you for anyone to read as I am aware that I was a guinea pig, so to speak on using your method on the body.

In my case as you know I came to see you with a bad back, a back that has given me problems for many years, especially in times of emotional upheaval. I entered your office twisted and bent in pain. Using your method on my back I experienced a very deep let go of pain, grief and tears. In an instant my back became loose and free and I was able to walk upright again.

This session was nearly 6 weeks ago and now my back still feels free, not stiff like it used to be.

It seems that my back and muscles are making some adjustments, but basically I am feeling so much stronger in my back, with also a very strong sense of a deep healing that has taken place.

Thank you John.

Sincerely, David Sagar

Back Pain

42 years of international experience in helping people, Senior trainer and one of the pioneers in the development of the Mace Energy Method - Your Comments and Feedback are welcome below...

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