Book Foreword

Book Foreword

This is A “Book Foreword” Written for Founder John  Mace’s New Book “TURNING UPSETS INTO POSITIVE ENERGY”

As a Psychologist and Counsellor I have long been aware that emotional trauma creates negative energy blocks in the body, but have never found an effective procedure for ‘de-creating’ these blocks until an extraordinary sequence of events led me to the Murdoch University where John Mace was lecturing on the theoretical principles of this revolutionary methodology.

This encounter not only lead me to becoming a trained practitioner in this procedure, but has also reinforced my belief that when you are ready to trust your intuition, people who have something important to teach you, come into your life. I am so glad he did.

John Mace has pursued his dream in his quest for knowledge and in the process has developed and refined a dynamic procedure for tapping into and eliminating the emotional blocks associated with trauma. The concepts may initially appear revolutionary, but the process is so inclusive and interactive that the client cannot help feeling empowered by the procedure, which transforms notions of Mind, Body, Spirit and Identity into tangible realities. Tangible because the client participates at the experiential level in the process of identifying and eliminating unwanted Identities. This unique method works so rapidly that outcomes are amazing and long term.

I am thankful for John’s dedication to the task of perfecting the Mace Energy Method and am honoured to be writing this foreword.

Jocelyn Hardie Registered Psychologist B.Sc.Psych,DipCounselling,Dip Ed.

Book Foreword

42 years of international experience in helping people, Senior trainer and one of the pioneers in the development of the Mace Energy Method - Your Comments and Feedback are welcome below...

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