Top Australian International Professional Sportsman

Top Australian International Professional Sportsman

He had injured one knee then the other in a short period. He complained of a lack of motivation, confidence and negative thoughts about his future and his sponsor’s willingness to continue. After  his Mace Method session his  spirits rose noticeably. A few days later he called back to say: – ” I am raring to go again; I can’t wait to get back to the USA now. I know I am back to myself again.” THANKS, C B Queensland and USA

Incidentally this client also had a relationmship  problem in his personal life, which we also addressed, he said: – “It’s gone I am no longer affected by it. I feel great!” – He jokingly said – “Could you come on tour with me?”

Two years later he called to say thanks for his session and said “I have just had my most successful year ever! THANKS”

Top Australian International Professional Sportsman


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