How to realise Your Dreams

How to realise Your Dreams

An audio introduction to the “MACE ENERGY METHOD” and the power ( positive energy) gained , by deleting “negative identities” from your life. The second of 2 audio messages from John Mace’s book ENERGY OVER MIND, the latest version of this book is now titled” TURNING  UPSETS INTO POSITIVE ENERGY”, Available  now as an e book. Please click the download link on the right hand side of this website.

Listen to some very important data on Realiszng Your Dreams (Goals) and how the Mace Energy Method can help you delete the unseen barriers that are holding you back or just making things hard.

How to realise Your Dreams

How to realise Your Dreams

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42 years of international experience in helping people, Senior trainer and one of the pioneers in the development of the Mace Energy Method - Your Comments and Feedback are welcome below...

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