How To  Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress: NOW you can Relieve stress, then quickly regain your energy and enthusiasm for all parts of your life. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this completely “NEW “and unique none intrusive Method. Amazing results are achieved easily and with appointment times available to suit your schedule, this makes it a boom for busy people from all walks of life who need a recharge.( See our unique Skype sessions) If you know or even suspect that you may be suffering from the damaging effects of stress ,READ ON, this data is for you .Find out exactly what causes stress and more importantly , How To Relieve Stress.

Stress is defined as,” a demand on physical and /or mental energy”, finally causing exhaustion and debilitation. In other words stress drains your energy and does slow or stop your motivation, it also makes life feel heavy and not enjoyable. After almost forty years of research ,the exact cause of stress{ in its many forms} has been discovered. This opens the way for the very effective method to relieve stress permanently. The good news is, it can be handled and dispensed with in a fraction of the time taken with earlier methods.
The basic cause of stress is life upsets (including shocks and traumas), Upsets are anything that happens to you that you would not choose to have happen. ”who has not experienced upsets?”

Some of our upsets we deal with on the spot and then they are gone. NOTE ,this can only be done if you are feeling good at the time, if not they becomes one more for the heap. This research has found and proved that upsets  can leave a permanent negative effect on us, causing Stress which is certainly felt but not actually seen, this Method helps you quickly find and delete real cause of your Stress.

How To Relieve Stress: These effects impinge on us in the form of NEGATIVE FEELINGS ,to name a few, ANGER ,ANXIETY, FEAR, FRUSTRATION, LACK OF CONFIDENCE even Powerlessness, there are many more. Negative feelings, especially the type that cause you to experience a sinking feeling or the likes, plus the persistent ones are stress. The degree of stress depends on how many of these negative feelings you have accidently stacked up in your life , but very importantly they affect  your life , as a virus does a computer . This method guides you to delete these unwanted feelings permanently, when they are gone your stress goes with them, then YOU are back in control.

The incident of the upsets happening often fade from memory ,but the negative feelings can last a lifetime ,with very negative consequences for our life ,even affecting your health.
These negative feelings become buried in our Psyche—but can and do get triggered by everyday activities .It only takes something remotely similar to the original upset to happen today to bring the full negative feeling back ,once again the consequences are always what we don’t want.
Some examples of this happening, a person who flies into uncontrolled ANGER for no apparent reason, another, a person who becomes frozen with fear, road rage and even nightmares are all the result of a person being triggered.


One such client comes to mind, an Australian Policeman who had been involved in a shooting incident in which his life was threatened .It had happened 23years before he came for his Mace Session .He had been retired at a young age with PTSD, he told me he had tried many drugs and had received years of counselling to no avail .He told me that each year as the anniversary of the shooting came around that he was a mess for a week before and a week after .A month or so after his Mace Session ,we were enjoying a coffee with a friend of his, when he casually said to his friend that “the anniversary of my shooting incident had come and gone ,this is the first year I have had absolutely NO ill effects what so ever since I had my Mace Session with John.

How To Relieve Stress: The session just helped him locate the exact residual negative feelings, then eliminate {delete} them in a none stressful session, of an hour or so. This type of stress is labelled PTSD, but STRESS IS STRESS.IS STRESS whatever the label. This amazing method has already helped many people eliminate stress of all types enabling them to take control of their lives, it can help you too, with its guarantee you have nothing to lose except your stress when you book a ‘Mace session’.

Think about this fact” ,YOUR ,FEELINGS CONTROL YOUR LIFE” , they control what you say or don’t say, what you do or don’t do, They also control your attitudes and have a big influence on your decisions .Now the Positive ones are fine , they are light and enjoyable, but ALL THE NEGATIVE  ones feel  heavy and are  actually opposed to what you really want, they produce unwanted consequences that stack up to cause Stress and failure.
This research has also proved that we create ALL of our own feelings whether good or bad but with this method you can eliminate the damaging negative ones permanently. Imagine your life with no hidden negative feelings or stress, how would that boost your success and happiness at home , work and in your social life?

How To Relieve Stress: Unfortunately it is not possible do this on your own, because you need a positive person {the Mace counsellor in this case}to gently keep you on track while discharging all the negative energy involved. An English Writer a LESLIE WEATHERHEAD explained this very well in his book ”Psychology and Life written many years ago where he wrote ”The difficulty with observing your own mental processes is that ,you cannot see yourself by yourself ,for when you look at yourself you use part of yourself to see yourself so therefore it is not the whole of yourself you see is it?

To relieve stress permanently , you must find and delete the exact negative feelings that are blocking your happiness, this is, exactly what the “Mace Energy Method” as it is called delivers for you with consummate ease. It requires absolutely no personal disclosure. Your private business remains private. Experienced has helped discover the fact, that the damaging feelings can come from anytime or part of our life; some are even carried from childhood upsets. It is also true that “You cannot change what has happened to you in the past, but you sure can change how it has been affecting you”. People are achieving it every day with this Method.

There are many different facets which make up our life eg. Work/business, relationships, family matters, social life, finances to name just a few. Stress can come from any part; importantly stress caused from one part can and does adversely affect the other parts sooner or later. That is why it is imperative to eliminate your stress, so as to be sure” the real you” is in control, not some negative feeling being played out, getting you into more trouble.

How To Relieve Stress: Your good health can depend largely on the presence or absence of stress in your life. When you eliminate stress from your life, your health improves .Many of our clients have told us so.

The mission statement of the “Mace Energy Method’ is” TO HELP PEOPLE TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES AND LIVE THEIR OWN DREAMS”. The procedures consist of all the right questions to assist you to dig out (so to speak) the damaging feelings from the particular part or parts of life you need to uncover , then with a few simple mental exercises the negative feelings evaporate permanently. A bonus is the energy trapped in each negative feeling comes back to you as a positive as soon as they go. It’s similar to getting all your money back from a bad investment without losing any of it, You make a fresh start, so to speak.

The sooner you have a session to relieve stress from your life, the sooner you will have all your power and energy back to be happily enjoying life. Contact Us.

SPECIAL OFFER A FREE  BOOK  Contact us and you will receive a  free copy of The John Mace Book,”HOW TO TURN UPSETS INTO POSITIVE ENERGY”. Learn about the revolutionary discoveries behind the philosophy of CAUSISM, the under lying truths which are the  reason an American Dr Robert Roerich MD. once posted on the internet” The Mace Energy Method advances the effective treatment of emotional maladies and heralds a breakthrough of such unparalleled importance as to be worthy of a Nobel Prize”.

How To Relieve  Stress

How To Relieve  Stress

How To Relieve Stress


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