Learning and Study Difficulties

Learning and Study Difficulties; The expressions ‘study problems’ and ‘difficulties at school’ are just ways of saying learning difficulties and no one is immune from the need to learn. We all had to learn to crawl, learn to walk and then learn to talk. School came next where learning assumed the name of study, a nasty word for far too many. Unfortunately, people are not immune to disappointments and losses during the learning process and these are the source of unknowingly created negative feelings/ identities.

Experience in the Mace Method Academy has found that behind all learning difficulties lay negative identities/feelings , many of which emanate from primary school and invariably get triggered as soon as a person has to learn something new. “I’m not clever enough” or “I’m a failure” are from case histories, which surfaced in the academy along with ” I’ll never learn that”. Obviously they also adversely affect self-esteem.

Learning and Study Difficulties

John  Mace the researcher explains this fully in his article:


There are many manifestations of triggering but the most subtle manifestation is loss of enthusiasm, loss of interest, then boredom, so that studying/learning becomes an effort, then finally a cessation of study. This form of triggering also makes it the most difficult trigger for the student to recognise in themselves, for the very nature of what has been triggered negates any interest in handling it, which is why it far too often results in the student ceasing to study altogether. This is the “drop out”phenomena so prevalent in today’s education system and why the data herein is so vital to education and training as a whole. (See University Students Special Notes)

Any sudden or gradual loss of interest and application invariably has, as the reason for this change of heart, a trigger of some past upset Common “excuses” given are “I’ve lost interest” or “I am just too busy” but behind these lie the “real reason” – the triggering of some past failure. It has been proven that any failure must be upsetting (an upset) – and this is where the “Mace Method” can be utilised to good effect.

It is important to recognise that what has been triggered does not necessarily have a direct relationship to study – it can be any activity resulting in failure to achieve – a young boy failing to read as well as an elder sister may decide in a fit of anger (pique) – “I’m not clever enough!” but he could of made the same decision when he failed to fix a broken toy.

Apart from the above loss of interest, here are some warning signs that a triggered student will manifest: inability to grasp a fundamental but simple concept; the onset of a low mood level; feeling drowsy; complaints or criticisms about what is being read or practiced; any unpleasant emotion; excessive yawning and confusion concerning some data. Each and every one of these falls into the category of adverse reactions.

No matter what is being dramatised by the student, there will always be some accompanying upset that has been triggered. That is the entrance point to get them back on track by addressing the issue.

This is where a “Mace Energy Method” session corrects the problem quickly. By finding the original upset and having the student delete/ dis-create the exact  negative feelings the that have been unknowingly created as a result of the upset.

On the subject of learning, negative feelings  inhibit a person’s ability to absorb information, so imagine what would happen to individuals and the education system as a whole, if every one, as well as children, were to be unburdened of their study hang-ups.

Incidentally, children and teenagers take to the Mace Energy  Method, like ducks to water,they repair quickly.

Learning and Study Difficulties

Learning and Study Difficulties

Learning and Study Difficulties

Learning and Study Difficulties

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