Mace Energy Method Explained

Mace Energy Method Explained; The Mace Energy Method has absolutely nothing to do with religion, it is a scientific study of mankind. Having said that, it is generally accepted that we are composed of three elements; mind, body & spirit. That concept is perfectly true as far as it goes, but what my   research has uncovered is that there is a fourth element that has been named an Identity. These identities are of two types; knowingly created pro–survival identities and unknowingly created non–survival identities. The former are known as Positive Identities and the second, Negative Identities. The Mace Energy Method only addresses the NEGATIVE IDENTITIES, for they hold all the negative aspects of your life, the positive ones you have Knowingly created to manage your  life,(An example is “A cardriver idenity”)we  have many more.

Mace Energy Method Explained

Mace Energy Method Explained

All forms of energy are invisible and both gravity and magnetism are examples of this fact. Importantly, the existence of energy is only detected by the effects created. All identities are energy and therefore invisible, which explains why they have never been detected before, although they have affected mankind ‘Since Adam was a boy!’ This colloquialism may sound an exaggeration but it is not, for they have always been with us and always will be with us. Every unwanted aspect of a person’s personality stems from these negative identities. This  research has not only isolated them, but also produced a method to permanently eliminate them.

As the diagram indicates, the Spirit (Human Energy Unit) stands supreme, but the other three components are of equal importance and each is indispensable in the game of life.

It is a lack of awareness and understanding of this fourth element in all forms of counselling, including psychology, which has limited their effectiveness, for they are based on a false premise and if you commence with a false premise, a missing element, you cannot possibly arrive at a correct answer. However, it is not only psychology and counselling, but also the whole civilised world that is poorer for the hitherto lack of this knowledge.

Research has proven that these negative identities – WHICH SOMETIMES HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE CHILDHOOD – ruin lives, STOP  US achieving or even having goals or dreams and are the cause of NEGATIVE PATTERNS which plague lives. ROCKY OR UNHAPPY RELATIONSHIPS are a product of these negative identities, which stop you being your real self.

The Mace Energy Method owes its effectiveness to its ability to separate you from your NEGATIVE unwanted identities and then dis–create them. The more negative identities that are deleted/ dis–created, the more there is of the real you, the more effective and positive you are… happiness and peace of mind follow.

All that is necessary is for clients to indicate any unwanted feeling, or any unwanted aspect of life and then the new technology does the rest, guided of course by the practitioner—unbelievable perhaps, but true. To reinforce this aspect, after a session has been concluded the practitioner will know practically nothing of the client’s history or personal life.  The Mace Energy Method  is indeed a new body of knowledge that heralds a completely new paradigm!

An M.E.M. session bonus! – all the energy trapped in these negative identities comes back to you as more positive energy to use in life’s endeavours.It is similar to getting your  money back from a bad investment.

Unfortunately, not knowing the existence of these negative identities, people 
erroneously think for example that they are:


HENRY FORD SHOWED  WISDOM WHEN HE SAID –  ”Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you will be right” (Mr Ford did understand the power of positive or negative identities).

Incidentally, these self–derogatory attitudes are not figments of imagination, for they and numerous others are common and appear in many case histories. Case histories have also featured people who totally eliminated being CHRONICALLY SAD, ANGRY, LONELY or FEARFUL, along with every other negative feeling you care to name and all are the product of negative identities (See How to Realise Your Dreams).


There is an important proviso that needs stating; IN ALL CASES, THE CLIENT MUST GENUINELY WANT TO CHANGE. This brings up an interesting point; no matter how skilled a practitioner and no matter how powerful the Mace Method, it is impossible to change anyone who does not want to change. A fundamental truth uncovered by the research is that everything that a person experiences is their own creation.

“All power is from within and is therefore under our own control” Robert Collier 1885-1950

Mace Energy Method Explained

An excerpt from the   latest Book “Energy over Mind”:By MEM Founder John J Mace.

“Feelings, emotions and attitudes are totally subjective. No one has a hypodermic syringe full of emotions or feelings, pleasant or unpleasant, with which to inject others. Therefore every emotion a person experiences is self–created, and it follows that he or she is the only one who can delete/ dis–create it…with the help of an MEM practitioner.

There is however, a positive side to this. If people are totally responsible for creating their own feelings, they are also capable of eliminating any unwanted feelings provided they know how to do so. THE MACE ENERGY METHOD PROVIDES THIS “KNOW HOW”

A necessary and important point to mention is that anything negative (non survival) although self created is created UNKNOWINGLY. This is very logical when it is considered that the primal urge is Survival, so that anything, which is non–survival, cannot be knowingly created.”

To return to the theme of a person wanting or not wanting to change; if they do not want to change there is no way they can be made to change against their will, for example, very few criminals change as a result of incarceration. Even when someone appears to change because of duress, it is a self–motivated decision to do so rather than suffer the duress that they are under. This is why forcing people to undergo counselling, is generally unsuccessful, apart from any inherent shortcomings in the counselling itself.


This research has proven that trying to analyse or change our own unwanted emotions cannot be done and often only makes things worse.

Edward De Bono (A Famous Author) was correct when he said:

“Logic never changes any emotion or feeling. You can spend hours with logical argument trying to change some feeling or prejudice; you are not likely to succeed!”

The Mace Method helps you succeed in changing unwanted feelings and prejudices permanently  in minutes not hours.

A common statement after a “MACE METHOD” session is:



—The Mace  Energy Method has absolutely no connection whatsoever with any other method, system, model or practice. It stands in its own right as a unique self empowerment model, developed over more than half of John’s 80 year lifetime. Any claim to the contrary is made from ignorance of the method—
Mace Energy Method Explained

Mace Energy Method Explained

Mace Energy Method Explained

Mace Energy Method Explained

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About the MEM Book

In his book, "Turning Upsets into Positive Energy" John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method. The book clearly explains how the unknowingly created negative identities that influence our lives and prevent us attaining our goals can be located and dis-created.