Mace Energy Method Training

Mace Energy Method Training; MEM —Certified MEM Practitioner &—Advanced Procedures for Certified Practitioners.

This course trains students on the principles and theories of Causism, including the chronological development of the Mace Energy  Method. It Includes the basic skills needed to dis-create any negative identity and how to locate all negative identities and relationship problems. The graduates who use the method are called Mace Energy Method  counsellors, but  the method is totally devoid of self-disclosure by the client and advise on the part of the practitioner, even if asked for.

MEM —Certified MEM Practitioner &—Advanced Procedures for Certified Practitioners.

The Certificate course comprises four modules and contains illustrations to graphically interpret the many abstract and intangible ideas involved.

As part of the training fee, all students receive whatever sessions are necessary to handle anything triggered by the material as well as anything that has been triggered by life and living. Once enrolled, the very first action for all students is to eliminate ANY PROBLEM WHATSOEVER ASSOCIATED WITH LEARNING, TRAINING, EDUCATION OR STUDY, so that they are then totally free of any hang–ups that impede their ability to learn effectively. As a matter of record, to date not one trainee has been free of some upset or loss to do with previous learning / study and some have several—WHO HAS NOT BEEN TO SCHOOL?!

In house training is restricted to two students, which maximizes indivual involvement and personalises the training. Also included are DVD lectures by John Mace the Founder  on all the key data.

Mace Energy Method Training


The one pre–requisite to training is to have had a full session from a trained practitioner. The reason for this pre–requisite is that the method is so revolutionary there is no other modality with which it can be compared, so a future trainee needs a session to appreciate and understand how it works, in other words to acquire subjective reality. Reading provides objective reality, but no amount of reading will provide the essential subjective reality. From a practical point of view it would be totally unrealistic for someone to help others at a professional level if they themselves lacked personal experience with the material. It would be a case of the blind leading the blind. This aspect is even more important should a practitioner wish to train others—it would then really be a case of the blind leading the blind!

Training schedule

The Mace Energy Method gets it power from its simplicity and in keeping with that, the training course has been stripped of any superfluous data, which is why it is so comparatively brief, but its apparent brevity in no way detracts from its effectiveness. About 60 hours of student time(plus  home reading) for the course is average. Students are scheduled for one day a week only, because they need time to assimilate the new data. Full time study was tried to expedite training, but as another example of the empirical nature of the work, it was abandoned as it did not produce satisfactory results.

The theory training is followed by practice using the unique procedures, then an internship follows , when the student can produce good results they are Certified as a Mace Energy Counsellor IACP.After some experience  with clients,the  Advance Procedures are studied.

Mace Energy Method Training

Mace Energy Method Training

Mace Energy Method Training

Mace Energy Method Training

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About the MEM Book

In his book, "Turning Upsets into Positive Energy" John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method. The book clearly explains how the unknowingly created negative identities that influence our lives and prevent us attaining our goals can be located and dis-created.