Mace Energy Method

Mace Energy Method mission statement is:


The entrance point to a person achieving control of their life is to handle lifes upsets. There is not a person in the whole world who has not had an upset. The actual Mace Energy Method process is a series of simple mental excercises that are very easy to do, guided by counsellor. A major discovery of the Mace Energy Method is that, it is not what has happened to you in the past (upsets) that is important. It is ONLY the effects these things have left on you in the form of negative feelings, emotions and attitudes,that need to be deleted,for you to be in control.

Mace Energy Method

A departure from conventional counselling

Imagine a new simple technique with no self disclosure. Mace Energy Method breaks entirely new ground in that it introduces an effective method that is totally devoid of self disclosure. Relating life’s experiences is of no therapeutic value whatsoever. A bold claim certainly, considering the widespread and almost universal acceptance of self disclosure as an essential part of counseling, but the claim is made with no hesitation. A major development of the Mace Energy Method has been a  realization that has simplified the procedure in eliminating negative emotions. Our feelings control our lives! They control our attitudes, how we think, our decisions,  what we say or don’t say and what we do or don’t do. MEM™ frees clients from all  unwanted negative feelings, no matter what they are , without talking about the actual details . “You cannot change what has happened in the past, but you can sure change how it affects your life  now.” With the advent of MEM™, gone are the days when clients were required to relate and relive the agony and embarrassment of extreme traumatic experiences such as sexual assault. This is why many victims of such experiences decline counseling…the counseling is as traumatic as the initial experience (see Abuse/Victims).

International recognition of Mace Energy Method

An American research psychiatrist Robert Roerich M.D. wrote after adopting the MACE ENERGY METHOD – “Australian researcher John Mace’s MACE ENERGY METHOD advances the effective treatment of emotional problems and heralds a breakthrough of such unparalleled importance, to be worthy of a NOBEL PRIZE”.

Mace Energy Method

Mace Energy Method

Mace Energy Method

Mace Energy Method

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About the MEM Book

In his book, "Turning Upsets into Positive Energy" John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method. The book clearly explains how the unknowingly created negative identities that influence our lives and prevent us attaining our goals can be located and dis-created.