Professional Thinking Of Resigning

Professional Thinking Of Resigning

As an example a case history comes to mind of a very qualified experienced nurse who came feeling very stressed and ready to resign her position. It appears the Matron of the hospital was very stressed and had the habit of unfairly picking on her staff, being very critical, nothing was ever good enough; the whole environment was negative and upset.

A week or so after this nurse had her ” Life Repair Mace Method” session,which included Relationship Repair  she rang back, very happy, her stress had gone. She reported that in the week after she had been here the Matron had not only not picked on her once, she had hardly spoken to her, leaving her free to once again enjoy her job. The nurse said “I am not leaving my job because of her crankiness, that’s her problem, I love my job.”


Professional Thinking Of Resigning

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