Relationship Repair

Relationship Repair; Relationships are arguably one of the very important parts of our lives, if not the most important. Our survival as a species depends on them and our personal happiness revolve around them. Unfortunately they can be the cause of much personal misery when they go wrong.

Now how a person relates to other people, at home, work or socially falls into two basic categories, they either RESPOND or REACT to them.

To REACT is irrational and always makes things WORSE, but to RESPOND is rational and Always RIGHT for the person, for they are in control of the situation and themselves, in other words they hold their composure – remain Their True Self.

A response comes from the real person, where as a REACTION comes from an unknown NEGATIVE INDENTITY which the person in unaware of.These negative identities often come from old upsets experienced long before a current problem and become the cause of more upsets and problems.Reacting is the same as adding petrol to a fire so to speak ,especially during disagreements.

When a couple fall in love then get married, they are usually experiencing euphoria, seeing each other in a very good light. This is the connection between two people (beings) creating an ideal scene, in other words as good as relationships can be. If the same couple, say are fighting after a couple of years, it’s not the beings, it’s two of their negative Identities in mortal combat, each trying ‘to be right’ making the other’ wrong’, experiencing a miserable life. The Mace Energy Method helps dispense with this problem quickly.

Relationship Repair

It is important to know your can’t change anybody else – they are what they are, but you do not have to be the effect of them. This is what the Mace Energy Method has you achieve,then you will just respond to situations ,when you change others change towards you,your energy changes.

When you experience a relationship repair, YOUR vibes change to positive and other people respond to you differently, not react. “As you shall sow, so you shall reap” definitely applies to your vibes.

It is true in any relationship situation it takes two to tango so to speak. Dale Carnegie a very successful man wrote in one of his books, “To handle any life problem always start with yourself”. This is very true with any relationship problem.

After a session of Life Repair which includes relationships clients always report people who were upsetting them no longer have any negative effect on them, whether it be bosses, work associates, spouses, children, relations or clients. This returns you to your true loving self.

To enjoy results similar to the clients above or to quickly resolve any relationship problems call or email to arrange your guaranteed Mace Session now.

Relationship Repair

Relationship Repair

Relationship Repair

Relationship Repair

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In his book, "Turning Upsets into Positive Energy" John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method. The book clearly explains how the unknowingly created negative identities that influence our lives and prevent us attaining our goals can be located and dis-created.