Results of Bullying and Teasing

Results of Bullying and Teasing

A mother who had been a client of ours about twelve months earlier called about her 13-year-old daughter, she was attending a very good girls college and had been doing well, but for the past two weeks was coming home crying and apparently fighting with some other girl at school. The day the mother called she also had received a note from the school to say her daughter’s schoolwork had taken a dive – the mother was distraught.

The girl came for a session – which went very well. We handled an upset with the girl at school and the negative identities created as a result and used the “Relationship Repair Procedure” also. As stated at the conclusion of these sessions a person gets back lots of energy, which gives the feeling of being big and strong. With her eyes shut, I asked how big do you feel now? She replied “Oh! I feel as big as the Michelin Man on TV” (the big tyre man).I told her That is the Real You. ——.When she was leaving I asked her if she had ever felt that BIG before? she said yes!I told her in the future when she has a problem in life ,stop Rember How Big YOU really are then you  handle the problem.  . I didn’t see the girl until about four months later at a social function. I took her aside and privately asked, “How are you doing”? She smiled and replied “That girl at school is now my best friend” now this is typical of young ladies, but then she looked around to be sure what she said was private. She then said rather nonchalantly “By the way, since I came to see you, anytime I have a problem now, I stop and be bigger than it, I can do anything now”! I was looking at a very happy confident young lady. Her mother said her daughter had not had any more tears and was right on top of her schoolwork again and was a delight to live with.

Results of Bullying and Teasing

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