Sean’s Story

Sean’s Story

A few years ago while at the optometrist I was given a visual field test and diagnosed with suspected Glaucoma, sent to a Specialist for further tests and somewhere along the way picked up an eye infection as well.

After two minor car accidents I was about to give up driving. Although trying other healing modalities with no real success, homeopathy did clear up the infection considerably but not completely. I had resigned myself to the fact I was losing my vision and had an urgency to finish my studies before that happened.

Symptoms were blurred vision, greasy feeling alternating with dryness and itching, noticeable blind spots in my right eye, print had distracting shadows and random words in paragraphs would disappear. Reading was a slow and upsetting experience. Night vision was non-existent and it was increasingly difficult to recognize friends around town. I was also suffering severe migraines roughly once a month. Another adverse condition grinding me down emotionally!

At the time I had been on the MEM Practitioner Training Course for 4 weeks so many of my issues had been handled. At 9am start of class I was feeling shocking…”Close your eyes” said John as he proceeded to session me.  By 9.10 am I had easily 40% improvement in my vision all trace of the headache was gone. Not a trace of tension in my body. Quite extraordinary.

The sense of elation when I opened my eyes and looked across at John – impeccably clean shaven and groomed – smiling. Obviously noticing how blown out I was…I’ll remember every minute detail of that scene for the rest of my life.

With crisp clear vision and no more migraines there is no doubt in my mind how effective this technique is when dealing with physical ailments as well as emotional stuff.

Thank You John Avery.

Sean’s Story

42 years of international experience in helping people, Senior trainer and one of the pioneers in the development of the Mace Energy Method - Your Comments and Feedback are welcome below...

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