Sportsform and Injuries

Sportsform and Injuries; It is widely known when a sports person, be it an amateur or professional experiences an injury, they have a physical trauma to handle.

Physios and Doctors do a great job getting the body repaired and okay again. What is not so widely understood is that the person has also experienced an emotional trauma, which if it is not addressed and handled can have very negative consequences.

As a result of many years  research and application by John Mace, it has been proven that the quicker the emotional trauma is handled (with a Mace Energy Method Session”) the quicker bones heal and injuries respond to conventional treatment.

After a major injury – such as a knee reconstruction – a person’s confidence is low and fear of another injury clouds the person’s thoughts and very importantly keeps their attention slightly on the injury. While this is happening, there is much more danger of another injury. The best sports persons are the ones, who can keep their attention on the ball, or whatever they are doing, the longest. If the old injury has even a small part of their attention – even in a protective or careful way (which is often the case) – then that person’s confidence and ability must be lowered when they return to their chosen game. A good analogy is a person driving a car at high speed in heavy traffic, without their full attention on the road – I am sure the consequences need no more explanation.

Any injury be it large or small is an upset/trauma, each has its effects on us, in other words we react to it emotionally . The upset/trauma has many negative emotions, and a major negative thought about our self, connected to it. These are buried in our psyche and keep affecting us until found and eliminated. When this is done – using the “Mace Energy  Method” – confidence and all earlier skills are restored immediately.

Sportsform and Injuries – Loss of Form

A sudden loss of good form by a professional sports person has always been preceded by an emotional upset. As examples – it could be an upset at home or a mistake in an important game which plays on one’s mind, causing repeats of the same. Like a batsman getting out cheaply over an extended period or a top golfer missing an important putt, then putting badly because his confidence is gone and his attention is still somewhat on the mistake he made. The cause of the above problems are the negative Identities created as a result of the upset / mistake.

Another important aspect for a professional sportsman is their demeanour during a game. If a sportsperson gets upset too easily (particularly in contact sports) and say gets angry and looses control, breaks the rules of the game, then suspensions and fines are likely, affecting the whole team. This can and has affected some top sportspeople and unless handled can keep building up. The “Mace Energy Method” would help the athlete find and eliminate the negative Identities who are the real culprits.

Handle the problem with a “MEM Session” then the confidence and good form return immediately.

To conclude, any old upset / injury holds some of our attention away from what we are doing – be it sport, driving the car, or doing our work. This can and does cause accidents and injuries with the unwanted consequences.

So don’t put up with any lack of form/fear of re-injuryor unwanted behaviour in games and public situations , you can completely eliminate these conditions in an hour or so with a Mace Session .SPORT PLAYER MANAGERS TAKE NOTE This method with its Guarantee of no result no charge policy,this can save fines and down time for your charges and save you some stress.

Sportsform and Injuries

Sportsform and Injuries

Sportsform and Injuries

Sportsform and Injuries


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