Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression: From all reports depression is the fastest growing malady in today’s society. So it seems a new slant on the treatment for depression is long overdue. It just happens that an Australian researcher John Mace has spent over 40 years addressing this urgent need with his self funded research. The body of empirical knowledge he gathered is named CAUSISM, because all of his research aims at the cause of depression, not only its effects. It follows if you can eliminate the cause of any problem the effects disappear. This new Treatment for Depression achieves that with consummate ease.

Treatment for Depression: Out of this research the Mace Energy Method, a new counselling method arrived which is very client friendly,  considering absolutely no personal disclosure is required. Gone are the days of going over old traumatic events, just some simple mental exercises to eliminate the old effects, the residual negative feelings. CAUSISM is 21st century data to handle our fast moving world.

There are various names allotted to Depression, like Post natal depression, Bi-polar disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Manic Depressive, but this researcher says whatever the label, depression is depression is depression and it must have had a cause, eliminate the cause and the problem ends. Put simply depression means “lower than “applied to people it means FEELING lower than normal.

Treatment for Depression: We all feel lower some times; chronically depressed people spend most of their time if not all of their time lower. This research has found  that Feelings  control our lives, they control what we say or don’t say what we do or don’t do also our attitudes and our life decisions. Depression is made up of various negative feelings, which control the person’s demeanor, to name a few, fears, anxiety (in its many forms), grief, anger, powerlessness, hopeless and for the suicidal apathy often prevails.

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression: This treatment for depression has proved that all these negative FEELINGS have their beginnings in life UPSETS or traumas the client has experienced. Put simply an UPSET or trauma is anything that happens to a person that they would not choose to happen, there are of course various levels of upsetting experiences that cause the negative feelings. Its been found that the longer the negative feelings has been in place the more intense they become. they become like viruses in a computer and affect you in the same way, as viruses can be deleted so can these Life disabling FEELINGS.

This Treatment for Depression has the counsellor guide the client to locate the correct upset, then finding the exact negative feelings buried deep in the clients psyche, finally guiding the client to discreate the trapped feelings releasing their energy, without energy the negative feelings have no more power over the client. The results are permanent.
This effective treatment for depression can be done with you in your own surroundings over Skype , taking away the inconvenience of distance and time off work etc. With our policy, if you are not satisfied with your session there is no charge. Call, you have nothing to lose. Check our testimonials to read what others have achieved.  Refer To Contact Us  Above for more info.

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression

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